One Big GD Book

waynai bible
It’s the entire King James Bible, constructed in 1930 by a man from Los Angeles named Louis Waynai. It weighed over a thousand pounds and was 43 inches tall.

Before reading glasses came along, people did this. The worse your eyesight degenerated the bigger the book you needed to build the following spring. This particular one took Waynai over 8,700 hours to complete. Shortly thereafter, he met L. Ron Hubbard in his gym’s steam room and renounced Christ, believing that aliens just “made more sense”.


The Gospel According to Pastor T.L. Barrett

Who’s Pastor T.L. Barrett? According to this bio from Light in the Attic Records, he’s a modern anti-hero/hero. An interesting man:

To many on Chicago’s South Side, Barrett has been known for more than four decades as an activist and pastor, an influential figure in the city’s black community, and an active participant in numerous projects and initiatives intended to improve social and economic conditions on the South Side. To record collectors, he’s known for recording the classic, much-sought gospel record Like A Ship…(Without A Sail). To the Illinois legal system, he’s the man who fronted a series of pyramid schemes that defrauded thousands of people (for which Barrett was ordered to pay restitution to avoid a prison sentence). Among his supporters at one time, were Jesse Jackson and former Chicago mayor Eugene Sawyer. To his parishioners, Barrett (who continues to minister) acts as a social conscious by preaching a doctrine of personal responsibility, and is a champion of economic development. The one certainty Barrett proves is that the complexities and contrasting elements of lives are what make individuals so compelling.