Sgt. Pepper Guy

The Watts Towers were made by a maniac.

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“The guy who built em. He tried out for the Raiders. Didn’t get past the parking lot. Al Davis was putting his clubs in his trunk and saw him trying to climb the fence to the coliseum and so he ran over and grabbed him by his belt, pulled him to the ground. Don’t even think he called him a cab. Just gave him the lollipop he had in his pocket from the barbershop and told him to get the fuck out,” said Pal.

“He was actually [coughs] on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper’s album,” said the clown with no name.


“The guy who played him said it was a truckload of makeup,” said Pal. “Said it felt like being on the inside of a giant tennis ball.”

“And you know how fast those pros go through tennis balls.”

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“Don Rickles didn’t harness horsepower, or the cape prowess of the matador as they implied on Carson, no. He perfected charm, the complete power and potential of it,” said Pal. “From the outside, it looked like he insulted people, but a closer look undoes that notion, it wasn’t. He put a spotlight on them. Hoisted them up. Made them feel like somebody. That was the whole thing.”

“He had a knack.”